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User Information:  
 Posted by:E40933
 Name:Michael Clark #E40933
 Birth Year:1969
 Male or Female:Male
 Country:United States
 Favorite Social Network:Myspace
 User Location:Susanville
 Ad Information:!/pages/Fargo-ND/Friends-With-Pens-a-Pen-Pal-Site-For-Everyone/121368197873532?v=wall
Ad Information:  
 Address:CSP Corcoran 4A 4L 53
 Address Line 2:PO Box 3476, SHU
 Zip Code:93212-3476
 Favorite Movie:Dream Keepers
 Dream Job:Youth Counselor
 Dog Person:Yes
 Cat Person:Yes
 Word that Best Describes You:Interesting
 # of Tattoos:Several
 Are you an Artist or Musician:Musician, Artist and Writer
 Favorite Music Genre:Native American Ceremonial
 Religion:Native American
 Favorite Season:Fall
 Favorite Food:Fry Bread
 Favorite TV Show:Nature
 Ad Description:

A-ho Relatives, I'm Michael 'Two Crows'
It's nice to meet you.
I'm here looking for people to write. I accept all as they are and will write anyone.
I'm an American Indian who's been in prison for over 20 years. Made plenty of mistakes, but I'm working on staying on the good red road.
I'm an artist, like to read, and exercise to stay in shape. Also like to write and meet new people.
I'm looking for some medicine for the mind and spirit. News and pictures of Gatherings and Ceremonies.
If you feel like you'd like to write & share, send me a smoke signal. Until then, take care and may Grandfather continue to bless you.

Mitakuye Oyasin - All my Relations

Michael Clark #E40933
CSP Corcoran 4A 4L 53
PO Box 3476, SHU
Corcoran, CA 93212-3476

***** You can reply to this ad. We will print it then mail it to the inmate. INMATES DO NOT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS Make sure that you leave your address so that the inmate can write you back.

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